Solution suggestions needed – heel too wide

I’ve been skating the last year and a half in Edea Chorus skates, and overall they’re really nice. But if I don’t tie the laces so tight that my blood flow stops while wearing non slippery socks, and often even if I do, after a couple of minutes of skating my heel starts lifting up inside the skate, and the rubbing tears my skin. If I wear a thinner/more slippery sock my foot just wobbles inside the skate and I can’t really practice. Also, my ankle is pretty thin, so I have to tighten the top of the skate too to get any support. Currently I’m dealing with it by putting band aids on the places where my skates tear my foot before putting on the skates, but it’s not really a permanent solution. I don’t have the option to try on a narrower pair of skates (and I don’t know whether the width changes the heel area or only the toe box area), and I don’t think it’s a sizing problem. I’m hoping someone here dealt with a similar issue and found a solution. Thanks in advance for any advice.