Some Russian reactions to Medvedeva’s decision.

SourceAll of these comments were summarized more or less, and each quote does come from a full Russian articleWonder how the general reaction is in Russia’s figure skating community/fandomAlexander Gorshkov:“This is Zhenya’s decision. She’s an adult, and she had time to think things over. She came to the final decision,”Alexei Mishin:“There is such an uncertain situation right now. There are divorces bringing happiness to both parting people, there are divorces that do not bring happiness to both, and other divorces bring happiness to one person. I think that now the correct position is to take it calmly. We do not lose anyone, we have decent athletes. Brian Orser showed himself as a high-class specialist, so we need to take this calmly and to some extent sympathize with Evgenia, who is now in a very difficult situation.“Tatiana Tarasova: Tutberidze should not have talked about Medvedeva as a traitor:“He (Orser) is an outstanding coach, very successful in recent years. He trains Olympic champions, champions of Europe. Just like we have Tutberidze, Orser is a world-class coach. As a person who has seen a lot in my life and has gone through many things, I can say that something must have happened, since such a serious transition has occurred. I can understand the athletes, they must think about themselves. They have a short life in sports. Any outstanding coach if he takes an outstanding athlete — and Zhenya is an outstanding athlete, who was brought up Tutberidze — certainly has a serious plan for their development. I cannot understand what happened. I do not know, I can only guess, and doing so in such a situation is wrong.”Evgeni Plushenko: Medvedeva’s cooperation with Canadian coach can bring good results:“…the athlete felt that it would be more comfortable for her to train with another coach. I do not rule out that a very good result can be achieved.”Maxim Trankov: Medvedeva did not want to repeat the path of Lipnitskaya, so she left Tutberidze:I understand why Zhenya Medvedeva took such a decision. She wants to continue her sports career, because Medvedev, as a champion, a great champion. As history shows, in the group of Eteri Georgievna with the appearance of a new star, the last star becomes unnecessary. At first there was Polina Shelepen, who was all praised, but she always won. Then Lipnitskaya appeared, and Shelepen became useless to anyone. The same story happened to Julia Lipntsika, when Zhenya Medvedeva appeared. Now Tutberidze had Alina Zagitova … Zhenya simply does not want to repeat the path of her predecessors and finish her career, so she took the only right decision for herself — to try to extend her career in another team.Now Tutberidze had Alina Zagitova … Zhenya simply does not want to repeat the path of her predecessors and finish her career, so she took the only right decision for herself — to try to extend her career in another team.Alexander Zhulin: I know that Tutberidze wanted Medvedeva’s victory in the Olympics:“Of course, there could be a grudge. After all, this is the relationship between the student and the mentor. But it is wrong to express dissatisfaction with the fact that Tutberidze did not leave Zagitova in juniors. The coach does not choose. She has students, but their age does not play a key role. At the same time, Eteri wanted Medvedeva to win at the Olympic Games. I know this from personal conversation. It would be more correct and fair. But competition can not be cancelled.”Ekaterina Bobrova said she would support any decision made by her friend:“Together we skate for the Russian team — we are friends, and I will support any Zhenya decision. This is a sensible woman, whom I absolutely support in all undertakings, no matter what choice she makes in life. I do not consider this step of Zhenya as correct or wrong. It’s her life and she does what she thinks is right. I can not blame anyone. This decision was taken by no means by Evgenia alone. Some meetings and discussions with the federation, and with her mother and grandmother, who have been watching her skating all her life. It was not so that Zhenya woke up in the morning and took this decision. Of course, it was not easy for her, but, nonetheless, it was accepted. It only remains to wish Evgenia to conquer even higher sports peaks. I support her and wish her good luck. I’ve been to Canada often and will come again with pleasure, this time visiting Zhenya, if she invites me.”Alena Leonova:“It seems to me that no one will ever know the truth about what actually happened, but since Zhenya expressed the decision to leave for, as far as I know, Brian Orser, it means she was better. The athlete always does what is best for him/her. I think that Evgenia did not just wake up one day and say: ‘I do not want to train with Tutberidze anymore. I’ll go to Canada!‘”Elizaveta Tuktamysheva:“I love this trainer, his system of work. Orser is a very good option, he is one of the best coaches. As a person, he is also wonderful.”Maria Butyrskaya:“Figure skating is a sport in which the athlete and coach have no contracts. As an athlete, I understand Zhenya. For skaters it happens that the limit is reached and it is necessary to change the conditions, to take a breath of fresh air…but as a coach, I feel very sorry for Eteri Tutberidze. So many years, so much energy she gave to Evgenia. She did not have one athlete for so long. Therefore, it is very difficult for me to be on someone’s side in this situation. Evgenia did not just take this decision. I do not even know to whom she could go in our country, because Tutberidze is the leader in our figure skating.”Ilya Averbukh:“I do not like Orser’s comments, using a political underpinning…that poor Zhenya did not have the right to vote, that she was so unhappy — she was following only the directions of the coach. I have been the director of Medvedeva’s program for four years, so I’ll see what he will do as a choreographer. Zhenya was always present in the productions, her opinion always influenced the program. If Orser wants to raise the topic once again, that the Russians are robots, and they are so free, then I would answer him so.”