Spins help—videos attached

Hey all! I’ve been skating for a year, I do have two instructors, one while I’m at college and another for when I’m home—yes I get lessons pretty frequently (like once a week) and they are super helpful!I thought i’d post regarding my spins. I take the advice of my instructors and definitely prioritize/value their feedback first, but i’ve really been battling my forward scratch ever since I started skating. I’m posting some clips of my spin attempts in case someone here provides some advice that clicks, or if anyone had a similar problem and figured a way to overcome it!My biggest problem is my right hip…it locks outward and opens up, throwing everything off. I’ve tried bringing my free leg to the front to avoid this, but it’s hard to get it in the right position and when my leg is in the front, it’s still super hard to square my hips off..my right hip just locks outward before I even swing my leg off and it stays that way. I’ve tried everything and it’s really frustrating, especially since there have been times where my hips are squared off and I can actually spin, but then suddenly the next day it’s impossible. Does anyone have tips? I’ve attached 2 attempts below (i also threw a sit spin in there—if anyone has some pointers that’d be great!)From today, the entrance to the scratch is a bit cut off, but if you pause before the video you can kinda see where I step onto the edge: https://imgur.com/gallery/q4vHyotFrom a couple months ago, where my hips feel a little more squared off: https://imgur.com/gallery/NTfyYpDThanks all! I rarely post videos on here, but I’d love all the tips I can get 🙂