Struggling to figure out spin entrances

Hello! I’ve recently been working on entering spins and I’m making absolutely no progress. I don’t have a coach right now because I can’t afford private lessons, which I’m sure isn’t helping, but before my group lessons ended a few weeks ago my instructor was having me start pushing off on a left forward outside edge and trying to bring my free leg around and turn it into a spin. I just can’t get it to work! From standing in one position I can pretty consistently do one foot spins with 3-5 revolutions and I can tell those are improving, but this entrance is completely escaping me. I just end up doing an outside three turn and kind of wobbling into an ugly oval before I have to put my other foot down to balance.Anyone have any tips? I’ve watched YouTube videos by Thinice and some other people and I theoretically know how it’s supposed to work, I just can’t pull it off myself. I might have a video of me flubbing it somewhere because I was trying to record some stuff to look for specific things to improve, and if it would help I could try and find and post it here.Thanks in advance!