Switched from Riedell Edge to Jackson Freestyle.

I bought my Riedells about two years ago and they’re still in good condition after skating about an hour or two a week. However, I knew something was off, actually posted about it before So I went in to get fitted at a new shop (who seemed to care a lot more about me, an adult skater, than the previous shop) and after looking at my skates on, she told me I was definitely wearing too narrow and long of a boot. Which, I already figured, but it was great to hear someone else say it. She put me in Jacksons, which, after research, I also figured would be the best route. So I was feeling pretty confident she knew what she was doing. Now, I wore Riedell Edge boots before, stiffness 60. She had me try both Jackson Freestyle and Competitor. After telling her I only skate an hour or two each week, she recommended the Freestyle because I would be spending forever breaking in Competitors, even as an adult skater. I told her I’ve got all my single jumps (except axel) and a few spins, and she seemed very confident that the Freestyle would hold up even doing axels, especially since I only skate 1-2 hours each week (if that). I was concerned about the fact that I went down in stiffness level, but I’m hoping she was right about it being okay due to the amount of time I spend skating.I come asking for reassurance that I made the right choice in trusting her?