A question for Australian Ice Skaters (specifi…

Hi everyone, I’ve been thinking about ice dancing for a while but I think it’s time for me to actually do it. I’m 18+ so under the ISA system, I’m an adult. For Adult Bronze Ice Dance, what Pattern dances are required? And what’s the age limit for the ‘normal’ (non-adult) divisions? I’ve heard that it’s 15 but I thought I’d ask here. There’s a guy at my rink that might try it too so I’d rather go for pairs ice dancing than solo but going solo is still a possibility if pairs doesn’t work. I think the pattern dances are different for solo but I could definitely be wrong I would like to thank you in advance for any replies. Even if you don’t know the ISA system but know about other ice dance divisions

NYC Blade Sharpening

Where do you NYC skaters get your blades sharpened? Reviews of Westside are getting worse and worse with multiple accounts of blades being obliterated and general unprofessionalism. I’ve heard World Ice is not great either. People have been recommending Skater’s Landing in CT but it’s not really convenient to visit regularly and I’m not sure I can get there so quickly as I think I need sharpening soon.Any suggestions? How is Chelsea Piers? Is there somewhere on LI?

“Shoma Uno’s See You Again at Worlds whi…

“Shoma Uno’s See You Again
at Worlds which he may or may not skated as a tribute to Denis Ten, reminds me
of how heartbroken and bitter I am that someone as lovely as Denis was murdered
and the rest of the skating world continues moving forward. It’s unfair and
even though I know Denis was remembered respectfully and his achievements
celebrated properly, I still feel angry and sick and sad.“