Back at it again!My hip finally feels better, and I haven’t had any bad flare ups with it in a…

Back at it again!

My hip finally feels better, and I haven’t had any bad flare ups with it in a while. Since everything was finally okay, I got to do my first lesson of my season yesterday!! I love being able to go back on the ice! Since a few months had passed since I had skated, my coach and I just refreshed on past jumps, and she was impressed by what I had remembered. I can’t wait to learn some new moves!!

Mk Professional Vs John Wilson Cornation Ace

I’m looking to upgrade my blade. I realize I’m pushing the limits of the astro blade I currently used. I’m 6’1 male with beginning jumps and leaning more towards the dance track. I still have fun with the single stuff as well. Just learning to skate to skate, as i’m closely approaching 40.Let me know any feedback.

How can I tell if my skates fit correctly?

I had recently ordered a new pair of skates (I went to a store, got fitted, tried on a pair which were one of the few available even though he said they might be a little big, and they were a little too big so the guy ordered me a sligtly smaller pair of Jacksons, didn’t get to try them on in store so they were shipped to my house instead of going tp the store). I got back to the rink a little while later and all of a sudden I’d gone from a 7 to a 5 ½ in the rentals. It wasn’t hugely noticeable but it was enough to make a definite difference. Soon after, it was like skating lost its natural feel, but that is pretty much mental.My new skates came in but I don’t know if they’re fitting right or not. I’ve got some tpe room, and I can feel my ankle lifting some as I step. Not by alot, as my heel is lifting just enough for it to not exactly touch the bottom, but this is what the guy fitting me told me to watch out for. Also, idk if my ball of my foot is supposed to get a little numb or not. I don’t know if I can lace them up as well as he did, so maybe it’s that, but I’ve been waiting a long time to get these skates I wanr to be certain that they are right for me.