Best advice for not falling backwards out of s…

Hello all! I seem to be finding myself frequently falling backwards out of my spins.My butt is very displeased with this.I have video, and It doesn’t really look like I’m leaning back which is what I thought might be happening, so I think I’m just spinning on the wrong part of my blade.​I also can’t seem to get the whole outside edge bit going into my spins, which could also be part of the problem as well.​Any advice for these kinds of issues? The more different kinds of explanations I can get, the better my brain will do.​Thanks guys!

“It’s interesting how FS fandom consistently c…

“It’s interesting how FS
fandom consistently chews out Raf for criticizing his skaters yet turn a blind
eye to Mie Hamada and Brian Orser telling the media that Marin and Javi have
poor work ethic/are lazy. But then again, FS fandom does so love their “””unproblematic”””
faves, don’t they?“