SYWTWFS 2019-2020 Program Master List

SYWTWFS 2019-2020 Program Master List:

Master list of programs that have been announced for the 2019-2020 season. This spreadsheet will be updated as new programs are announced.

The SYWTWFS blog will be on semi-hiatus during the off season, but you can find us posting all sorts of skating news on Twitter, so please give us a follow there!

“As a Kpop fan who is also a figure skating fa…

“As a Kpop fan who is also
a figure skating fan, one of the things I hate about South Korean collective
culture is that they only care about you when you start to matter to them, such
as if you win no. 1 on music shows and such (otherwise you get called a
“nugu”/flop. This leads me to believe that if Yuna Kim had never
podiumed in her entire senior skating career or won her first Olympic Gold , she
would have been ignored and glossed over like previous South Korean female
skaters before her.“