Tips for faster snap and tighter axel rotation position?

So out of the hundreds of severely under-rotated axels this morning, I think TWO of them were fully rotated. I almost crashed both times and I can’t repeat those “flukes” on command, but hey at least that means its possible for my body to get over there. I just remember trying to think “UP” and “TIGHT!” and not care about the landing. Because I know my problem is my slow snap and loose rotation position, even tho I’m trying so hard to snap into it quickly and make it tight as possible, it’s still so loose….Any tips for making the snap happen faster and keeping the rotation tighter? I don’t know why it takes so much strength to make a tighter rotation. I’m trying to make sure I “stand tall” in case I’m breaking at the waist and collapsing or something while in rotation.This is something I think I do with a lot of jumps when I first learn them. My teacher says I “scrunch down” instead of staying tall.