Trying to break in my skates but having difficulty

So I’m having trouble breaking in my skates, everyone says fit near the toes, tight near the middle and fit at the top. However, I think my ankles are really too small, they are about 7 inches or 18 cm all the way around. Where my ankle bends is farther back and therefore farther up on the tongue than where it allows me to bend in my skate, and tying the top of my skates, even the tightest I can possibly can still allows for almost about two of my fingers to slip in the front or back of my ankle. When I have my foot in the boot with my ankle flush to the back of the boot, the front of my ankle doesn’t even align with with the front opening where the lacing pegs are, my leg is too far back. Now, my boot fits wonders ankle down! But I was wondering if anyone has this issue, if it even is an issue, and knows how to fix it or make it more comfortable. I’ve been skating with something similar to bunga pads on, but I really just want to skate with no extra equipment as I find it more comfortable.