Two foot turn help

I’ve been skating for a little over two months now. I’m taking LTS lessons and I’m starting Adult 4 this week.I’ve found myself having issues with moving two foot turns, specifically from front to back. I would say 50% of the time, at slow speeds, I find myself losing balance and having to use my hips and toepick to prevent myself from falling, falling on my butt (and subsequently reinjuring my already injured left wrist from when I first started skating), or starting and not completing the turn out of instinctive fear of falling. Another issue is that once I do successfully make the turn I immediately end up stopping rather than continuing backwards skating.After a quick 45 minute practice session today I found making sure that my torso is rotated in the direction of the turn, and that I can see over my shoulder, before starting the turn helps a lot. Last week I really mastered the down-up-turn-down sequence and I’ve noticed an improvement in my completions because of that.Are there any tips you guys have for getting the hang of this? I would like to be able to turn at faster speeds than I currently am. I absolutely cannot turn front to back skating faster than a basic glide and I know this will impede my progress in the sport if I can’t get it down.