Unable to master the basics.

Hi there. I am approaching a year of figure skating (yay!) I am very excited about this, and even though I was unable to be in classes the entire time I’ve been skating, I still feel I am doing well! I pick up new things pretty easily. One thing I really struggle with is two foot turns. I have worked with several different coaches, all of them unable to give me the advice on what I am doing wrong. I’ve watched teachers and classmates do those turns all around a circle while I can’t even get myself a fourth of the way around when I attempt. I am afraid I am just about at my wits end. I will not be able to progress much further if I don’t master this move, and I am not even really a novice at it. I am look for any guidance, tips, even just knowing I am not the only person who struggled with this move. It really effects the way I can move on the ice and it isn’t so fun.In addition, I am ahaving very similar problems with my snowplow stops. I inevitably go straight into a rocking horse after trying to slow down that way, even when putting all my weight into ripping into thr ice to stop. (And all my weight is considerably more than most figure skaters.) I have had coach after coach tell me they have no idea why my snowplow won’t work. So here I am.TL;DR can haz tips on two foot turns&snowplow stops?