Walley jump questions/curiosity

I’ve been getting more into paying attention to the technical aspects of skating lately (specific moves, identifying jumps, etc.) and started wondering about the walley jump. It doesn’t seem to be very common and is a bit hard to find information on! From what I’ve read, the consensus seems to be it is rare and not done in double/triple form because it is very difficult, and that it’s mostly done as a connecting piece in footwork.So I had a few questions come to mind about this jump and am wondering if anyone here has some more information/another perspective on this!It seems that the walley is the inside edge version of a loop (similar to how the flip and Lutz are the same jump concept but different edges). Is that a correct comparison/description?If I’m understanding that correctly, why is the walley so much more difficult than the loop, so much so that it’s not even done in double form but the loop has been done in a quad? (This might be more obvious to someone who has actually done single jumps, I’ve only gotten up to a waltz.)I’m looking forward to other perspectives on this and learning more, it’s been hard to find information about this jump!