What does my coach mean by this?

So i just had my fourth lesson yesterday, and my coach tells me a lot that I learn quickly and I’m a good visual learner and I’ve gotten far pretty quickly and that I seem to like challenges (she also tells me to tell her to reign it in sometimes) SO with saying that, she also just told me yesterday that it’s really good that Ive got this far and good that theres lots of little things for me to work on. I was really confused by this and feel dejected almost? Like maybe the whole time she was just being nice to be nice or that she miss read me or something? It was weird that she said it was really good, someone told me that maybe she said this because instead of learning these MIF and getting the basic movements, we’ve moved on to perfecting them. That’s a really good way of thinking about it but I also don’t want to stroke my ego.Also, does anyone else do better practicing alone than with their coach?