What is the best way to self teach?

Hey guys. I’m a 20 year old male. About a month ago on a sunday, i decided to go ice skating for the first time in my life and I loved it. I have never skated before, never rollerbladed, nothing. 100% new to even getting inside a rink. I have been going every Sunday since and went 4 times. I dont own skates1st day, i fell alot in figure skates. I didn’t get much done.2nd day i used hockey skates and I was able to skate without holding on the edge, still fell alot.3rd day i used hockey skates, did the same thing except i figured out how to move forward by sliding my feet out. There were times where it was rough, but other times it felt natural and smooth.4th day same, except someone had told me I was skating wrong. I was supposed to use the edges. I was skating ON TOP of the blade. Tf? I’m confused now.I can’t hire a teacher because they are available on weekdays and Saturdays. My job schedule doesn’t allow that time cause the rink isn’t open after work. I am forced to skate on Sundays.How do I learn to skate properly without a teacher? Thank you.