What jargon, terms and expressions would a non-English speaker need to learn to be on a Judging Panel for Pair Skating?

I am an English teacher and my student is a judge for competitive international Pair skating. He is on a judging panel. English is not his native language.He knows how to judge and express himself in his native language but he will need to use English late next year.Specifically he will need to communicate in English with the referee and other judges to explain why he awarded or deducted points for Pair Skating.It is an ISU event.which terms and lingo and expressions should I teach him?for example: bailing out of a jump, she’s too far forward (leaning forward?) on her landing, they’re timing is off/out of sync, i deducted a point because/i penalized them because, i awarded a point/gave a point becausehow can he say, their skating skill was very high but in a more natural way?and loads of other questions i have that i dont even know to ask.perhaps every major element (flip, toss, jump, footwork, transitions) has special tasks/checkmarks which can receive or lose points? i dont know.the jump height was good?also can u recommend a youtube video of a pair competition which includes an expert commentator evaluating the performances? “oh thats an automatic downgrade because he bailed out”, etcany help will be appreciated.Note: i already gave my student links to the isu judging wiki page and also the glossary of figure skating terms on wiki