What skates should I look for?

As a disclaimer, I did go to a pro shop today to have my foot measured and try on a couple of pairs. All were duds (for me personally), but the employee helping me said the shop owner can make an order for skates for me to try on.The Riedell 115 was a good fit, but after researching, I realized that’s a beginner/lower level boot. The coach I was working with suggested I go the next step up and get something mid-range. I measured out to be a 4.5-5 in Riedell sizing and a 255-260 in Edea. My right foot is also wider than my left…which…it is weird but nothing I can do about it haha. (The employee did bring out an Edea Preludio, but since I couldn’t even get the Riedell Emeralds on, he said the Preludios would likely end up being too narrow as well.)About my skating…I started learning swizzles, wiggles, slaloms and crossovers with my coach. I have not gotten to jumping yet (only thing I have right now is hockey skates). I like the fitness aspect of skating and being able to challenge myself with new things. So I definitely don’t need anything rated for doubles or above.I’m also 5’3" and 200 pounds. I know that is heavy and I will require more support. However, I’ve lost 30 pounds over the last year and do intend to lose more. I have a final goal of 140, so it will take me a long time to get there even if I don’t plateau/stall.The shop I went to is also a Jackson retailer, but they didn’t have any in stock today. Apparently they can go through them quickly. So I am not by any means stuck in Riedell or Edea.Any suggestions?