What’s the best thing I can do for 2 years with no access to ice skating except during november/december until I’m permanently in a place with good access.

There are no olympic ice skating rinks in ireland unfortunately, and none that are open all year round anyway, so there’s no way for me to practice unless it’s christmas season. Even during christmas season, the rinks available are generally small and overcrowded. I’ve gone ice skating roughly 10 times (twice in an olympic sized rink in france) and I absolutely adore it and would love to learn to figure skate at least on a basic level. The thing is though, there’s an olympic rink opening in dublin in 2019, and I’ll be staying up in dublin for a year starting september 2019. So my question is, without having to fly to another country to skate, what’s the best thing I can do to practice when I have no access. Obviously I don’t expect to learn anything off the ice but if I can minimise the time it takes to learn something by preparing that would be great. If the answer is just a straight up “nothing”, please say so, don’t sugarcoat.Thanks in advance and sorry for the long wall of text.