When to upgrade your skates?

I have Riedell Emerald and have been skating for about 6 months now. I’ve been in the LTS program and have not taken any private lessons yet – but do intend on it in October or November. I’ve recently have been doing the Waltz (have not mastered it yet).I remembered my skate shop telling me I’ll need to upgrade when I start doing jumps. The Riedell website confirmed this on their chart.When did you upgrade your skates? Is it a smart idea to invest in a more capable boot and blade, vs upgrading to upgrade again? I’m considering the Bronze (rate for 3, 4, 5) instead of the Edge (rated 3, 4) [https://ice.riedellskates.com/products/boot-range].Or will the boot be so broken in by that stage that I would want to upgrade anyways? Recommended blade to use? And is it smart to get comfortable in new skates prior to the private lessons?I intend on skating long term for fitness. It’s not a worry of if I’ll stop – I just want to make sure I’m spending my money right the first time. I also assume the skates are rated for certain tasks for safety.