When you first started skating, how did you know if you were a counterclockwise or clockwise skater?

I’m an adult skater who just started casually (3-4 hours of ice time a week, one 30min lesson) skating for the first time ever about five months ago. I’m in basic 4 now and up until now I always assumed I’d be a CCW skater because I’m right handed and it’s more common. Last week my group instructor asked if I was a CW skater because for some reason (though I’m perfectly fine at crossovers where you put the left leg over the right) I cannot do a right-leg-over-left crossover with any consistency. Now I’m doubting myself.I’ve only ever practiced spinning CCW because that was the default so I’m not great at CW spinning but I can’t tell if it’s because I’m actually a CCW skater or because I am a CW skater who just never practiced in that direction. Same with my silly haven’t-actually-learned-it-yet attempt at a Waltz.When you started skating, how did you determine what direction was your spin / jump direction? I just want to figure this out now before I get even more confused but I can’t find any good information other than what “feels correct”.