Where to get custom skates

Hi! A little background: I figure skated in middle and high school, and after some trial and error, ended up getting custom boots to deal with pain and numbness in my feet when I skated. Even when I went to a good skate shop and had a boot fit, I experienced a ton of pain, cramps, and numbness in my feet when I got onto the ice. This led to me getting Klingbeil boots in 2009, which was a fantastic decision. Nothing like sending an actual imprint of your foot and a dozen specifications to a maker and getting back something that truly fits. My feet are very short, but also wide, and shoes are enough of a nightmare to find, let alone figure skates.Fast forward to now: I picked up skating again after graduating college, and at this point, my boots are starting to wear out. They’ve got some life left in them, but I’m definitely starting to shop around for new ones.I was sad to see Klingbeil went out of business a while ago. A little digging led me to believe that some of the Klingbeil makers went on to form Avanta (Avante?), but all the links I was able to find about Avanta just led me to dead ends and a site selling skate guards.So: does anyone have recommendations for where to get custom boots? Does anyone have tricky-to-fit feet and a brand that worked for them? My coach knows an Edea distributor and thought they might be a good replacement, but I’m honestly fairly wary of any of the brands, no matter how customizable they claim to be. I’d much rather shell out the cash for something that fits than be in pain with something that’s almost-but-not-quite right.tl;dr: Need new skating boots, would definitely prefer customs (my foot is a weird size), have Klingbeils and love them.Thanks for your input!