Which jump do you think takes the most energy?

Obviously doubles take more energy than singles, so let’s just focus on the standard single jumps.I’ve got all of my singles, except axel so far. And at least in my experience, I think skaters learn the jumps in the order of “energy required” to make them happen.waltz – toe loop – salchow – loop – flip – lutz – axel is the order I learned them and each new jump seems to take more energy than the previous one.Maybe it’s just because I’ve been doing the loop and flip a little bit longer than the lutz, but the lutz seems to take a lot more energy. Is it because the lutz is weird and you twist your body opposite of the way you’re going to rotate?I know some people like lutz better than flip. Do you think lutz takes more energy compared to flip?I think flip takes a bit more energy than loop because of the toe pick action. And then lutz takes more energy than flip because of the opposite twist of the body.I think Axel takes the most energy, since you’re jumping forward and UP and it’s 1.5 rotations.Would you say double salchow and double toe loop take the same energy as a single axel or a little bit more?