Wondering how typical my progress is, seeking some insight from fellow adult amateurs!

Hi all!Posted a while ago asking about ankle braces…I did get a nice one but I haven’t used them at all for months now! Stubbornly focusing on just building my ankle strength instead. Getting Edea Preludio skates helped a LOT! Hoping they’ll do what they say on the tin and take me through single jumps before I need to upgrade again.So, I got on the ice for the first time in my life at the end of February. Wasn’t quite 30 yet but suppose I might as well have been (March birthday)! Transitioned from the group lessons to private lessons over the summer. I’m in the UK, so our Learn to Skate grades are a bit different, but last week, after nearly 30 weeks of skating, I passed Grade 10 (teapot, three jump, one foot spin, linking of five elements) and started working on my adult Bronze.I’m wondering how typical my progress is. My coach is positive I’ll get through Gold at least. I’m very excited to compete as an adult amateur as soon as I qualify. I haven’t hit any huge roadblocks yet, though spinning consistently and well is definitely a challenge and so is doing a nice, big proper three jump but making steady progress on both. Before skating took over, my primary sport the last two years was Olympic weightlifting so I do think that’s given me a good athletic background and training mindset.It’s hard to get a good judge of how typical my progress is for an adult, I’ve made several friends at the rink, but two of them have a coach who doesn’t follow the grades, two are primarily self-taught, etc. And I don’t wanna compare myself to the younger ones as that will just send me right into the grumbling shame corner (much like when a 9 year old out-lifted me in a competition…suppose that’s what I get for starting sport as an adult :p). I am planning to ask my coach on Saturday but would love some feedback from here too!I know people say not to expect much when you start as an adult, but may as well try and see how far I can go. Also wondering if anyone else here started around my age and what’s been the most difficult thing for you? Would also love any insight from women who have taken time off for pregnancy, as that’s a bit of a debate in my household at the moment with my husband (I’ve said at least let me do a bronze competition please, as it seems like it would be a very massive setback at this stage)!